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The written exam

In Spain, you can take the theoretical knowledge exam in English with both the Spanish and the Austrian aviation authorities. The Spanish aviation authorities, AESA, hold their exams in official exam centres in Madrid and Barcelona. Some schools are also entitled to hold the exams on their own premises. Exams through the Austrian aviation authorities, Austro Control, are held through flying schools only, and more are applying for this approval all the time.

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The flying school you team up with will be oriented towards one or the other. Make sure to check this before you enrol on the course.

The school you attend will provide necessary information before you go to the exam. Still, we’re going to address some things here.

At the moment you will be examined in Madrid and Barcelona by AESA (SENASA). In Madrid, you can go any business day, while in Barcelona, you can only go certain days during the year, as published.

If you want to take the exam with Austro Control, then you can see the list of exam locations here. You dont need to be a student at the school to take the exam. Contact the school directly for more information.

The official website with information about the AESA exam can be found below. It is only in Spanish, but you can translate with Google translate.

Exámenes Teóricos FCL

And this is the document you need to learn by heart:


Rules concerning the exam and retakes

Here are some rules you need to know. It’s just as well to learn them right away. These rules apply not only in Spain, but also in all other European countries. You can’t expect exceptions from them.

Responsibilities of the applicant
Applicants shall take the entire set of theoretical knowledge examinations for a specific licence or rating under the responsibility of the same Member State’s competent authority

Applicants shall only take the theoretical knowledge examination when recommended by the declared training organisation (DTO) or the approved training organisation (ATO) responsible for their training, once they have completed the appropriate elements of the training course of theoretical knowledge instruction to a satisfactory standard.

The recommendation by a DTO or an ATO shall be valid for 12 months. If the applicant has failed to attempt at least one theoretical knowledge examination paper within this period of validity, the need for further training shall be determined by the DTO or the ATO, based on the needs of the applicant.

Pass standards
A pass in a theoretical knowledge examination paper will be awarded to an applicant achieving at least 75 % of the marks allocated to that paper. No penalty marking shall be applied.

Unless otherwise determined in this Part, an applicant has successfully completed the required theoretical knowledge examination for the appropriate pilot licence or rating if he or she has passed all the required theoretical knowledge examination papers within a period of 18 months counted from the end of the calendar month when the applicant first attempted an examination.

If applicants for the issue of a light aircraft pilot licence (LAPL), a private pilot licence (PPL), a sailplane pilot licence (SPL) or a balloon pilot licence (BPL) have failed to pass one of the theoretical knowledge examination papers within four attempts or have failed to pass all papers within the period mentioned above (18 months), they shall retake the complete set of theoretical knowledge examination papers.

Before retaking the theoretical knowledge examinations, applicants shall undertake further training at a DTO or an ATO. The extent and scope of the training needed shall be determined by the DTO or the ATO, based on the needs of the applicants.

Validity period
The successful completion of the theoretical knowledge examinations will be valid, for the issue of a light aircraft pilot licence or a private pilot licence, for a period of 24 months. The period shall be counted from the day when the pilot successfully completes the theoretical knowledge examination.