The ASA circular E6-B Flight Computer

This is my first impression of the The ASA circular E6-B Flight Computer

I decided to buy myself a new circular flight computer. I still have the Jeppesen CR5, which is the small version of CR3. The CR5 is too small for me. I find it difficult to see the lines and numbers printed on it.

So my choice stood between a new Jeppesen CR3 or an ASA E6B. I chose the last one because I wanted to try something else.

The first impression is excellent. The size of the disc is extensive, and all details are clearly visible. It is truly a great pleasure to use the calculator side. The wind side is also straightforward to read. What is not so good is the quality of the plastic. The plastic discs appear thin and fragile. And the innermost plate is not flush with the back.

Here, ASA has created a product that could be fantastic, but they have chosen to save on the quality of the plastic. But still, I enjoy using it. Let’s see what it’s like to use to solve some problems.

A velocity 120 km/h, expressed in knots, is:

  • 50 kts.
  • 65 kts.
  • 60 kts.
  • 58 kts.

This is an easy one. Just position the NM mark on the inner scale opposite the Km mark on the outer scale. Read the number of NM on the inner scale opposite 120 km on the outer scale. Or you could just divide 120 km by 1,852. Answer 65 kts.

100 kg is how many pounds?

  • 250 lbs.
  • 220 lbs.
  • 180 lbs.
  • 200 lbs.

Same thing here. Plase LBS mark opposite the Kg mark. Read weight in lbs on the outer scale, opposite the number of 100 kg on the inner scale. Answer 220 lbs.

How far will an aircraft travel with 32 gal of usable fuel with fuel consumption 7,1 gal/h at the groundspeed 108 kts? (Allow 1-hour final reserve fuel)

  • 420 NM.
  • 487 NM.
  • 379 NM.
  • 384 NM.

First you need to know how much fuel you can use. You need one hour of reserve, which is 7,1 gal. So 32 gal minus 7,1gal is 24.9 gal. So you can burn 24,9 gal to your destination at a rate of 7,1 gal/h. That gives you an endurance of 3:30 hrs. With a ground speed of 108 kts you can go 379 NM.

To start with, set the speed index opposite the fuel consumption of 7,1 gal/h on the outer scale. Read 3:30 hours on the inner scale opposite 24,9 gal on the outer scale.

Then set the speed index opposite 108 kts and read 379 NM on the outer scale opposite 3:30 on the outer scale.

So that is it for now. I will do the wind side in a later blog entry. Using the wind side may require a few more steps for a typical wind problem, than what it would take on the more common flight computer, such as the CRP 1. But once you practice it a little, it will become a breeze.

Here is the link to the manual:

E6-B Circular Flight Computer manual

Enjoy! I mean it 🙂

Private Pilot written exam docs for download

When you search the internet for aviation-related material, you often come across pdf documents you would like to keep. Instead of saving a link to the document, it may be better to download it so you have it offline. It may happen that the link is changed or that the document has been removed when you come back for it.

I have stored a good number of pdf documents in the file storage system pCloud. And this folder I will share with you via a permanent link. Download what you need. But thruth is, as I am growing the links page Online Resources, you may just be better off just downloading from the original source.

My Private Pilot exam resources

Or just go to the Online resources page and you will most likely find what you need there. I am adding more links all the time.

I have my files stored on pcloud. Fantastic offline storage. Try it for yourself for free. Go to pcloud.

Question banks for the Private Pilot Licence

There are at least two websites in Spain that offer question banks for the private pilot’s license in Spanish. But it can be more challenging to find someone in Spain who offers questions in English. Nevertheless, there are providers outside Spain.

These paid services were found via a quick search on the net:

The PPL confuser

PPL questions

Aero tutor

But it is always great to find free material on the web, so a further search revealed Aircademy. They are based in Germany and has posted some pretty good questions relevant to the exam.


And then you have the question from the Serbian aviation authorities, rebranded by Top Air.

I am familiar with these questions. This version may not be completely updated, but they are generally good questions. If you can do all of them, you will surely pass the exam in Spain. Beware some answers could be incorrect concerning the Spanish regulations. Make sure you know what is right.

Top Air

Or you could just go to the website of the Serbian Aviation Authorities.

  1. Air Law
  2. Aircraft general knowledge
  3. Flight performance and planning
  4. Human performance
  5. Meteorology
  6. Navigation
  7. Operational procedures
  8. Principles of flight
  9. Communication

Learn how to use the flight computer

For all of you who are terrified of the flight computer, these videos will make you significantly more comfortable.

Philip Dalton invented this incredible thing in the 30s, and it is still used today in ground school for the private pilot’s license. You will need it for the exam. I believe it makes you see concepts and understand the theory better. If you find it challenging to get started with your flight computer, look at the videos below. I think you’ll see how easy it is to use.

Still usefull? At least you can have some fun.

Martha from Kings Schools makes this a walk in the park.

From the GoPro youtube channel there is also a great selection of videoes.

And then there is the round Jeppesen type flight computer, shown here by the youtube channel PilotPracticeExams.

Useful links

The internet is full of information on how to use the flight computer. Here are some links you may find helpful.

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